Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best PPD (Pay Per Download) 2014 Sites List: Earn Money Online With File Uploading-Sharing

Get paid to upload and earn money concept is getting popular by popularity of online file sharing services. Since there are many online file sharing services around with many options for their free and paid user base, competition in this arena to get most users provides us another opportunity to get paid to upload and earn money online. Since in our daily life we share email attachments, documents, music, movies, pictures, photos, etc. frequently with others. As a blogger and webmaster, we can even use such get paid to upload and earn money services to store out big files and documents to create another passive income stream. I know there are numerous get paid to upload and earn money opportunities day by day appearing online but I focus on the best ones as much as I can here… Hope to add another opportunity for you to earn money from get paid to upload concept.

Here is List of Best PPD (Pay Per Download) Sites.

Rapidgator: You gat paid upto 40$/1000 downloads originated from US, UK, Germany from this get paid to upload service. They pay for all countries. They have English, Russian and German interface. They pay through paypal and webmoney on last Thursdays of each month. They have a referral program as well paying 20%. Click Here to registered at Rapidgator

Arab Loads: You gat paid upto 30$/1000 downloads originated from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France from this get paid to upload service. They pay for all countries. They pay through a Neteller, Payza and Skrill (MoneyBookers). Click Here to registered at Arab Loads

FreakShare: Freakshare provides payout in € instead of $. You can earn upto 30€ for thousand downloads of your files uploaded to freakshare file hosting service. They pay you 20 % from the money earned from affiliates who you referred to their service from this get paid to upload service. They count all countries but according to your traffic quality and activity, your rank may change. To be get paid, minimum file size must be bigger than 5MB. They pay you via Paypal, Moneybookers or WebMoney when you reach minimum payment amount of 20€. Click Here to registered at FreakShare

Uploaded: Uploaded also provides payout in € instead of $. You can earn upto 40€ for thousand downloads of your files uploaded to Uploaded file hosting service. For more see below image. Click Here to registered at Uploaded

Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 Best Url Shortening Services to Make Money Online

If you’re trying to find the best URL shortening services, you will find lots of them, of course these websites are not the same, I’ve create a post about the best URL shortening services, and you can take a look at it. Here is additional sites in the list and all of them are paying and you can earn extra income with your links.

1 Shorte

Unlike many other URL shortening programs, Shorte offer large variety of services and technologies that can change the way you’re monetizing your blog, website, forum or whatever? Even, you links that are shared in social network can be monetized also, it’s a URL shortening service for twitter, Facebook and any network where people share your links. all you have to do is installing their WordPress plugin and set your options. The plugin can tun all your site links into short links and make you money every time a visitors click on them and watch a 5 seconds advertisements, by the why the Shorte ads are high quality in general and there is no worries about spam links that other programs advertise. Your visitors will see good ads and you make good money depending on your traffic source.

Shorte is one of the top URL shortening services and has an amazing social share monetization widget, you can replace your actual social sharing tools and everyone a visitor wants to share your pots , an ad will appears before proceeding to the destination, that’s an additional tools to make more money.

The mass shrinker tools is a powerful way to shorten lots of links at once, this tool sis useful for people with thousands of links and they want o make things easier.

The minimum payout is only $5 and you get paid by PayPal, for Payoneer users, the minimum payments is $20. payments are sent automatically in the 10 th day of every month.

2 Adfly

Adfly is the leader in URL shortening services, they have the biggest publishing network, this company pays since years now and thousands of blogger and site owners are making good income with them. What I don’t like with this company is their downloading type ads, some of their biggest advertisers add a pop-up ads and the user is required to close it in order to proceed, that not a good option especially for the user experience. However, Adfly is a good company that really pays and you can count on them. The minimum payment is $5 , they pays on the fifth day of each month via PayPal Payza and Payoneer.
Adfly is used by the majority of file sharing websites, they require watching a brief advertisement during 5 seconds before proceeding to the mean page or destination. If your traffic come from the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK, you will earn big money if you have a high traffic website or blog.

How to Make Money with Links from the Best Url Shortening Services

There are many ways to make extra cash online, but sometimes you forget that the most profitable ways are not usually the hardest ways. Newbies can ask how to make money with short links, but they focus only on affiliate marketing and forget the easiest way. Today I’ll show you how to make money posting links on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere. People are not shortening links just to make them easy to remember, but thousands of these people have a good amount of followers and friends, and when sharing a good link with their friends, they make extra money.

Shortening URLs is an easy and good way to make money. However, we see that people use their short links to spam the web, and this is one of the bad ways to earn money online, however, there are a couple of trusted websites that you can use to make your links short, but also make some cash when people click on them and see the advertisement page.

Best URL shortening services to make money

If you spend some time searching with Google for websites where you can make some money sharing your links, you will find thousands of websites, unfortunately the majority of them are spammers and can redirect your link to not wanted directions. At the same time, there are good URL shortening services such as and AdFly and that pays you at the time and best of all, bloggers and websites owners are using them since a couple of years, and you can start with them.

Shorte, is the new URL shortening service leader with an innovative idea and the most important is that they work with premium advertisers who add value to your readers and not spam them like many other services. This awesome company was started by creative team who wants to help you to monetize your links in easy steps, to be honest with you, it is better than all the other URL shortening programs, they are more friendly and treat people as friends. If you have a blog, Forum or any other website, you can set all your external links to be monetized, when people click on them, they see an intermediate 5 seconds page and then proceed to the link. The advertisements are high quality and not any links.You can exclude domains or links, and you can select a few links only in your page and make them shorten.

The best part about this company is that you can use their WordPress plugin and make money with links in the easiest way. All you have to do is to create your free account first then, download the plugin under the top link “Tools” . After the plugin activation, you just need to add your Token and start making money with your blog links.

You have 3 great options to make money with your blog or website links:

Full Page Script: This method monetizes all your internal and external links, so people visit an ad before continuing, it is the most profitable way for websites where people download or upload digital content like, videos, themes or any other link.

Entry Script: This method will monetize your entry traffic, so when a visitor comes to your site, he/she see an intermediate ad before proceeding.

Exit Script: This is the best way to turn your bounce rate into a money, when visitors wants to close your page, they see a special page and many of them will click on it, thus you make money even from people who exit your website.

Your payment will be sent on the 10th of every month, you need at least $5 for PayPal. If you have a good Facebook or any other active social page, you can make at least $5 every day without doing anything. But, share links while offering good video or any other content that makes people want to lick on it and ready to watch a 5 seconds advertisement to help you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paypal Wishlist My payment proof

As i mentioned that paypal ....(This is a good news. has a good offer. Now you can earn up to $100 from Paypal Wishlist. What is Paypal Wishlist? It is facebook application ease people to buy product on their wishlist. In this program, PayPal will give you up to $100.........Prizes will be credited to your PayPal account as per your submission to PayPal via the Paypal Wishlist, no later than February 28th, 2010. If you do not provide with this, Paypal will not be able to deposit your earnings.)

Today I received My payment from paypal  as below show.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

hotfile earn money,Remote uploading,earn money with hotfile,earn money by file uploading(Earning easy money with mediafire - hotfile),HOTFILE EARN MONEY GUIDE

A new earning method which is fast and simple ;) faster than ptc, way faster than adsense idiotic .

Note : Hotfile is Shut down by United States federal court On December 4, 2013. But this Article still helpful to understand remote uploading.

Hotfile is a uploading site like rapidshare which pays you for no. of downloads of your uploaded content .
My earnings from hotfile ( took me 19 days after start) -

This is a BASIC and VERY simple Guide.

The BEST part is that no matter What your Upload Speed is. It takes the same time for everyone. Why? coz we use remote upload here . how ? Explained below -


Getting What's REQUIRED!

Click here to register

And then Sign-Up for a Free Account.
once signing up is done lets move to remote uploading .

What is Remote uploading ?

When there is a transfer of data from a remote system to another remote system, the process is called "remote uploading". This is used by some online file hosting services .

it doesn't use a bit of your bandwidth and uploads 100z mb of data in seconds ;)

Remote uploading from Mediafire to hotfile -->

1) Open mediafire link which you want to remote upload on mediafire. e.g, .

2) Right click on " click here to start download " & select " copy link location " as explained in image below -

3) Once done you'll get a url which will look like this - .

4) now open your hotfile account and select upload option -

5) select Remote upload from there and paste ur copied link location there like this -

6) click on upload button and it'll show you upload progress -

7) once uploading is done which will take few seconds you'll see a link of your uploaded file/files like this -

8) you are done with remote uploading from mediafire to Hotfile ;)

now lets explain Rapidshare to hotfile remote uploading for those who have Rapidshare premium accounts

all process is same except pasting links in remote upload box . so here is how to do that -

1) go to this site - , enter your username & password and paste rapidshare links which you want to upload on hotfile like shown in the pic below -

2) it'll Generate direct links from your username and pass ( do not worry this is a trusted site which me and most of the uploaders use for converting there links ;) .

3) paste these links in remote upload box and start uploading ;) but Please make sure that u don't Enter ur ALIAS But Your Number ID As shown below.

so this is how you can upload from mediafire,rapidshare and other forums to your hotfile account but just uploading is not worth of earning you'll have to make people( non indians) download your stuffand for that you shoukd post your uploaded links in various non indian forums ;)

here is a list of main forums which i suggest you to start -

few things to keep in mind when starting

1) hotfile doesn't pay you for downloads by indians so no use posting/spamming ur links in social networking sites like orkut/yahoo .

2)minimum payout is $15 which is very easy to make as once you have posted your links in these forums you'll get good no. of downloads .

3)dont just upload anything but upload good and fresh stuff which is in demand . those who will be uploading from mediafire can find a lot of fresh stuff here - , Mediafire downloads on orkut .

4) when you start posting in forums post your username - forumname in here i'll try to help you more ;)